My session with is replaced by another session with com.facebook.WebDriverAgentRunner bundleId

As mentioned in title, I tried to open a session using my capabilities, but it was reseted and replaced with a new one containing com.facebook.WebDriverAgentRunner bundleId. My capabilities:
“xcodeOrgId”: “4XGDRF4ETY”,
“xcodeSigningId”: “iPhone Developer”,
“platformName”: “iOS”,
“platformVersion”: “13.3”,
“udid”: “aa69908b1856a4d1cba21bfeabb8a972129…”,
“deviceName”: “iPhone 1”,
“bundleId”: “com.unify.iOSMO”,
“noReset”: true,
“autoAcceptAlerts”: true,
“automationName”: “XCUITest”

Why is this happen? I use Appium 1.17.0, Xcode 11.4.1

What triggers the reset and the replace of my custom session?

Appium logs.txt (9.6 KB)