Native app webview element locations

I’m running into issues trying to locate where on the screen an element is in a webview. It’s actually off the screen but with coordinates “inside” the height of the screen. I recognize the webview has it’s own coordinates, but the odd thing is that the “y” value of the button actually increases as I scroll down. For example:

Screen size: 1080x2076
Webview size: 360x740

We originally find the button we want to push @ Y=1381
Scrolling down the screen (to get to the button) results in the next Y=1777, then 2174, then at it’s last, 2457

I’ve struggled to find any documentation of how webview “locations” work, and how to tell if the element is actually on the screen (this is to take a screenshot of the button for other parties interested in the app, but also for verification on test failure).

webView never worked nice. specially when we need scroll. better switch into webView context and navigate same as in browser.

Yeah, these locations are using the webview context. Just super weird.