Native iOS : WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner memory problem

I’m writing Appium iOS scripts using Python running on a native device. I’ve noticed that if I run my script for a long time period, the WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner iOS App memory usage will continue to climb to the point that the device is unresponsive.

Is this a bug in the Appium stack or am I leaking / not releasing resources, etc.? Most of my scripts consist of “find_element_by_*” calls and .click() calls. Is there a best practices document I should read?

I’m using Xcode instruments to track the memory consumption over time.

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I’m noticing exactly the same problem with latest iOS WebDriverAgent and I have a strong belief that start ing from Appium 1.20 it became much worth because it started to prevent me from finishing test scenarios which were passing fine before last 2 versions of Appium and corresponding driver agents.