Native mobile app and desktop browser testing in single appium program possible?

I have a scenario like I submit a request in the native mobile app. When the request is submitted, a number would be sent to an email n mobile number.
I now have to search for this request number in a desktop browser application and compare some values entered the mobile app to the browser application fields.
Can someone please tell me whether it is possible to write the script for this scenario in a single appium program?
Or, is there any other possible way to do?

Please let me know your inputs.

just open another driver for web session and do whatever like. just same as web testing.


Actually, I need to get the desk top browser opened and not in the mobile.
Is this possible?

did i say something other? “driver” is not mobile terminology. it is came from selenium web. so you need open normal webdriver as usual for web testing pointing to any installed browser on PC. sometimes it is possible to use buildin headless browser inside selenium but i suggest you to start with normal browser.

example of code to start:

        // chrome
        WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();

Thanks man.
And, I want the Android elements and webelements to be interacted for comparing the values pass in from the mobile app to the browser application when a form like is submitted from mobile app.
Can you please reply with couple lines of code sample for this?

what lines of code you want? open your email box? i have no idea how your app interacted.

Hello… you don’t need to be so rud e.m

sorry - but you need to be more specific pls
just tell your story into more steps e.g.:

  1. my app sending request by email to confirm code/link
  2. i need to open it in email box and grab it value.

Hi, Here is my scenario:

  1. Login into Native android mobile app

  2. Fill the inputs (2 screens) and then submit the form
    (On successful submission, just a message displays "Your enquiry has been successfully submitted, But, an SMS and an Email gets generated on the mobile number and the email address entered during the form submission. This SMS and the Email are actually triggered from the browser application which is mentioned in below step)

  3. As soon as the form is submitted, based on the the inputs given in the mobile app, a request with a number (Same number as the one in the SMS and the Email) gets generated in non mobile web browser application (salesforce.).

  4. Now, I need to launch the web browser application out side the mobile and compare the data in the request and the data that was entered in mobile app (Step 2) and ensure that there is no mismatch of the data.
    I can’t get an idea here to relate the mobile app data submission and the request in the web application.

Any help is appreciated.

I hope I have given the most required information to understand the scenario.

So. Example to start browser outside phone i mentioned. Now left navigate to your mail box url (instead of google search i gave). Enter your email login/password and check your email. All this is pure specific of email box you are using and email and code you are waiting for.

I don’t get what you are saying. I would rather leave it here. Thanks for help.

Alright I would suggest a simple solution. For your scenario, in reality if you follow any of the above mentioned ways your test case will be very brittle. So if your requirement is to just open your mail and get the code. Use for example if you are coding in java, then use Java mail client to tap in the email via that. Kind of the headless way of retrieving the mail Information. By this way you don’t need to change the context when you are doing mobile testing and it is pretty fast.