Need appium documentation using Python language

Hello ,
I am new to appium. I want to automate a desktop application using appium. Basically I am good in Python language. I am exploring appium for testing the application on win10 platform.
It would be really nice if I get any documentation available for appium using python.

Thank you

I have been using appium python binding to drive mobile apps, the docs are missing, but basically asside from a few plces where the api semantics are not pythonesque, the java functions docs are what you have to use. all java functions get converted to python _ style.

currently breaking into browser based testing on desktop now, and finding the examples to use webdriver lacking myself.

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4 years on and I’m still struggling to find canonical bindings documentation.
Anyone got clues on how to do this by cracking open the github sources instead?

Can you take a real close look (and if you’ve done this before, please do it again) at the github page for Python client, and explain exactly what it is that you can’t find there?

Honest question, I’m really looking to help here, but I’m not seeing what is missing.

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Things like the ‘source’ property are not listed for some reason, in the python bindings there. So I use java examples most of the time to work things out backwards, especially when it comes to the mobile:xxxx extensions, unless you implement these yourself via other tools, finding a java example of what parameters to supply to them would require guesswork. Often the source code itself is also very helpful, I read that over google searches , which don’t help much.

Ok, I can see that. Most of the Python bindings are in the submodules, but this is in the driver itself. Does it help if I point out the “Read the Docs” link? Please correct me if this is not what you are looking for:

Is that the MobileCommand module? Like this:

I agree, I often read the unit tests as I find them the most informative.

So it seems to me that the documentation is out there, but maybe could be linked better. I hope that linking them here helps. Let me know if I’ve gotten the pain points wrong and I will try to link to the proper documentation.