Need automated Android screen touches ACC to screen co ordinates

Need a tampermonkey code for tapping specific coordinates on my android screen repeatedly after a gap of 10 milliseconds , like x=144 y=90
X=130 y=78 and so on

I want the entire code , I will just copy and paste it accordingly … Help me if anyone can solve this

I want the

I also “want a lot of thing” :slight_smile: you need to do some work on your own in order to find solutions that best suit you.

If using appium (with TouchAction) is not quick enough you can always try direct adb commands:

adb shell input tap x y

Great answer on ADB commands:

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Bro I am willing to pay for it , as I’m not from an it background , it’s just a game I play and need to hit fight and heal buttons quite fast , I have clickers for my laptop but a mobile script would be more handy and useful if I can buy :sunglasses:

And moreover I am not using Android studio , I am using tampermonkey on UC browser to make things automated while using UC …