Need Few Clarifications on Appium Server and Appium-Java Client Libraries and Selenium Web Driver

We are using the below version details are using to automate the native mobile app.

Appium Server: 1.6.5
Java: 1.8
Appium Java-Client Libraries: 4.1.2
Selenium Web Driver : 2.53

Actually I decided to migrate to new appium java-client.So I Just need few clarifications.Please provide me the useful information.

Here my Questions are : 1.Is appium java-client libraries dependent on selenium web driver or appium server?
2. If appium server is upgraded to new I need to upgrade with suitable appium java-client?


  1. dependances
  2. better migrate to latest java-client: 5.0.0-BETA9 and latest 1.6.6 appium
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Thanks for the info. Just want to know How Appium Server and Appium Java-Client libraries relation?