Need help in setting up AWS device farm

Hi everyone.
I am facing issue with setting up AWS device .
I have followed to set up the appium testng test.
The tests are working fine locally but on device farm they are failing.On aws the app package is also not getting selected properly even though its is mentioned in the script.There is no way to debug the script on AWS.
for e.g:there are lots of methods present in my apk login,dbinspector…etc
i have mentioned it to launch the login activity in the desired capabilities but still its launching the db activity,but on local the script is perfectly working fine.
Sometimes i am getting the error as no connection,i can see this as i have set screenshot capture in my script.
Its also taking very long for apk and application zip file upload.
Please let me know your suggesstions on this.
it will be very helpful if anyone have anything to share on this topic.Thanks in advance

Have you thought about posting your question on the AWS Device Farm Discussion Forum?

While you might get an answer here, this forum is more Appium specific. Over there you’ll find a lot more AWS specific knowledge.

Hi wreed,
Thanks for the reply
Yes i even tried that option too,but found many of the things are paid :neutral_face:.Hence posted here, thought if i can get any help .