New account activation link uses unknown hostname

FYI, the link that is sent out for activating a new discuss account is incorrect. The hostname in the link I received is However, this hostname cannot be resolved. I was unable to use the link to activate until I removed -new from the hostname.

IE., this didn’t work:

but this did…

@dnedrow copy problem here - Appium Discuss Forum Migration Tonight! :slight_smile:

Hi, Aleksei,

It looks like that thread has been closed and I am unable to add to it. Suggestions?

@jlipps is it a problem with domains?

Not the domain, but the hostname. The activation link I received should have been “”, but it came through as “”. The latter can’t be resolved.

Looks like we have a configuration error. If you change the link to “” instead it should work in the meantime. We’ll try and fix ASAP.

@jlipps same problem with attachments e.g.

and look like screenshots also :slight_smile: and NO SMILES :frowning:

@Aleksei looks like the domain name is hard coded into the db when objects are created. we’ll add a permanent redirect for everything beginning with discuss-new later on, so hopefully that will fix the problem.

Permanent redirects should be in place but let me know if you are still experiencing issues.