New to Appium, have a few questions! (Docs + Setup)

Hi all,
Im new to Appium. I was able to get the sample_coder.rb running against the Test IOS App in the code samples repository.

Im pretty familiar with automation testing, as I use Capybara (A Selenium framework for Ruby) to do web testing. Im ok at that but I feel like the bindings make sense at least to me. Im using just the Desktop Server for now.

Where I have a bit of confusion is on the bindings for ruby. I can see the Driver bindings here:

But I can’t quite figure out where all the actual methods are to click/extract text/type/etc… (or the assertions for that matter).

Im also a bit lost at how i’d set up Appium to run in a new actual app project or where to find that information. IE: What all do I need to install to be able to run the ruby script in a new project directory. I know the information is here: . but I feel like I saw somewhere else that you need quite a bit of java installations too to get it running (Pretending im not using the Desktop Server version, since eventually i’d like to get this on CI)

Also is there a good primer on what’s needed to start a script for ruby? I can’t seem to find a whole lot of actual real world samples of ruby appium scripts out there. Outside of the desired_caps (Which I need to research).


You can refer to my blog

  • I started learning appium 3 years back with ruby ( appum ruby console ). Using ARC is easier way to learn, you can read about it in my blog

  • Also follow instructions GH repo from Justin Ison who conducts appium workshops during selenium conferences