New to Appium & testing

Hi ! I’m new to appium , i have downloaded appium for my Mac OS X ( 10.10 . 3 ) and also the pre-requisites ( Java & command line tools & Xcode ) … i have used the path to locate the .app file … n then clicked on inspector … i want to know if i have to write a script of what should be done in the test ? … if i have to … then pls suggest a guide to write test cases … thank u in advance !!! pls pls pls help

Hi Uday, to start with use the Appium Inspector and record the script, You can see the generated script in inspector and even u can playback it, You have option with your favourite language
Welcome to Appium, which is great tool for Mobile App Automation.

how do you record it ? … i load the .app file and should i have wait for sometime ? if yes how long ? or is there specified stuff which implies that it has loaded everything … n then i click inspector ? … when do i click on inspector n how do i record ? n where will it be stored ?

  1. Ensure you have the app installed (same version, build) on the real device. And that device is connected to your Mac
  2. Launch inspector (Magnifying glass), It would automatically launch your app on the device. Wait until Appium inspector shows your device screen
  3. Select Record button (would turn red when selected)
  4. At this stage a new window would be tucked under Appium inspector. Select your preferred language (I selected Python, Add boilerplate, Xpath Only)
  5. Now locate the elements on top, Appium will highlight the selected button \ text \ image etc.
  6. Once done with your actions , goto File > Save.
  7. On the recorded script I added following 2 lines and saved before running
    import os, sys
    from selenium import webdriver
  8. Close inspector, logout and close the app on real device.
  9. open Terminal. Browse to your recorded test and run it (mine was python , si i ran it as: )
  10. Enjoy