New Xcode breaks iOS Emulator initiation

Hey there.
After updating to the new Xcode (Version 7.0) for iOS9 there seems to be a problem with the deviceName parameter.
I used to initiate the Emulator with the following string:
" --device-name “iPhone 6” --platform-name iOS --platform-version “8.4"”;
But it looks like the new Xcode sees only the “iPhone” part without the number and tells me that:

info: [debug] Getting device string from opts: {"forceIphone":false,"forceIpad":false,"xcodeVersion":"7.0","iOSSDKVersion":"9.0","deviceName":"iPhone 6","platformVersion":"8.4"}
info: [debug] fixDevice is on
info: [debug] Final device string is: 'iPhone (8.4 Simulator)'
error: Could not find a device to launch. You requested 'iPhone (8.4 Simulator)', but the available devices were: ["iPad 2 (8.3) [0F15A0D6-5659-4C1B-BF50-2490AE40E4DE]","iPad 2 (8.4) [B5771324-64B5-4A15-B0EE-15C34959E12E]","iPad 2 (9.0) [37DB11E8-0DAB-477C-AA09-34C4BEF23D2A]","iPad Air (8.3) [3F67BFCA-8866-40F6-9341-794494935BCB]","iPad Air (8.4) [D54D9A61-B9FF-419C-9E47-38D1AAC92936]","iPad Air (9.0) [87051661-63B1-47A4-8F63-97C76E626907]","iPad Air 2 (9.0) [BE90AE0D-8123-44AD-96E5-96BDDDDFD8BE]","iPad Retina (8.3) [DE7276C9-9584-4FC6-98D6-01ADE1379B76]","iPad Retina (8.4) [F4B95EA6-63D8-4C65-BA2D-880B83F8FCB1]","iPad Retina (9.0) [126DA587-41E9-4CF9-821D-0920BFACC6AB]","iPhone 4s (8.3) [20CC5AB9-398B-4051-98A0-4780B1B1C643]","iPhone 4s (8.4) [D216FFED-2650-405D-9E58-A26CDD1E1FF8]","iPhone 4s (9.0) [6CEC052D-0A46-4B1C-92D3-28883934B636]","iPhone 5 (8.3) [115E353A-97FF-4141-BD70-D45B2CA9642A]","iPhone 5 (8.4) [E26CA0D4-C255-4B97-868F-45FBF516F6F4]","iPhone 5 (9.0) [952DAFBD-4DAA-4FD2-9F0F-16CCC27236E0]","iPhone 5s (8.3) [CEC267DC-95E7-4D11-B1E4-BDE6009F4E24]","iPhone 5s (8.4) [99505BBC-3094-42A3-95F5-FD39A7638AB8]","iPhone 5s (9.0) [2F21E69D-3E24-4875-8021-8691BB203A40]","iPhone 6 (8.3) [3BC16EF3-1ED3-4658-8363-FF290597CAF4]","iPhone 6 (8.4) [A58894DC-8DF2-48B0-91B8-3706D06BEF3D]","iPhone 6 (9.0) [9DB6D41F-C4A6-4561-ACDE-7A533AFAEB26]","iPhone 6 (9.0) + Apple Watch - 38mm (2.0) [FD4BC4B1-6921-4223-BEBC-2DB70919668A]","iPhone 6 Plus (8.3) [E8D32B71-2F54-4035-BE00-1D2B6AD94B18]","iPhone 6 Plus (8.4) [8E915039-DCA9-4D03-B70D-43BDBA11ADC4]","iPhone 6 Plus (9.0) [2A65F274-73CF-490F-B242-4CE2FCA7442A]","iPhone 6 Plus (9.0) + Apple Watch - 42mm (2.0) [8516C558-A670-42BD-B078-6C014E385F35]","iPhone 6s (9.0) [9BC741FE-F959-4C23-8FA5-AAA383DF73FA]","iPhone 6s Plus (9.0) [32DB21ED-E416-4679-BA09-CDE1CDBD9866]"]

Anyone sees a similar behaviour? Did Apple change the way they receive the deviceName parameter?

The machine with the older Xcode (6.4) works fine

Hope you are with latest Appium 1.4.11? Where iOS9 support was introduced…

I wish… I am not sure how can I use it, since there’s no .dmg file for download yet

I tried to find a way to install 1.4.11 without the dmg file but just couldn’t find…

Thank you very much for taking some time off your daily activities to assist me with my issue.
It’s always nice to see people giving back the community they are part of


Here are the steps to re-config your Appium (Mac app/Windows EXE) client point to latest Appium version 1.4.11.

  1. Clone this Appium git to your local git clone
  2. Once the download is complete, Run
  3. Open Appium Client
  4. Select “Developer settings” and enable it.
  5. Select Use External NodeJS Binary to “Your local node bin folder path”
  6. Select Use External Appium Package to “Your Appium Local clone folder path”
  7. Start the Appium Server.

You should see the latest version of Appium on the client like below

info: Welcome to Appium v1.4.11 (REV 460994a14dfb20b2d55ff14b99c0d31f6af5a9e2)
info: Appium REST http interface listener started on

Happy Appium!


Thought I would share how I install the latest Appium version on my machine ( Yosemite - Mac)

  1. Install homebrew ( if not):
  2. Completely uninstall node ( if you already install node with sudo) because Appium won’t work in this case:
  3. Install node by homebrew: brew install node
  4. Install latest Appium: npm install -g [email protected]
  5. Run Appium: appium &

NOTE: You can use the inspector from the Appium app even if it is not in 1.4.11 version, just open the app and click on the magnifier

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I have the same issue. I am on 1.4.11 - It looks like appium is adding the “Simulator” and Xcode 7 removed the word “Simulator” from its emulator names.

Added an issue on github

Alright… tried doing just that and got the following error:
throw err;
Error: Cannot find module ‘argparse’
at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:336:15)
at Function.Module._load (module.js:278:25)
at Module.require (module.js:365:17)
at require (module.js:384:17)
at Object. (/Applications/Appium 1.4.11/lib/server/parser.js:2:10)
at Module._compile (module.js:460:26)
at Object.Module._extensions…js (module.js:478:10)
at Module.load (module.js:355:32)
at Function.Module._load (module.js:310:12)
at Module.require (module.js:365:17)

Oh I forgot the restart node…
I went through that issue and now have some other issues,

Work Perfect ! Thanks for the hack !

I have the same problem, although I restarted node or updated npm, the problem didn’t be solved.

Thank you for the steps, although my Appium version is 1.4.11 now, the Appium Server is still send error message(module.js:338). What can I do?

Did you restart after the installation?

Thank you very much for your answer, Yes I did.
Now I solved this issue and now have some other issues. :smile:

Excellent, ask away if you’re stuck.
I was stuck for some good days with the iOS9 update, not fun

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I have few queries regarding error given in description.

error: Could not find a device to launch. You requested ‘iPhone (8.4 Simulator)’, but the available devices were: [“iPad 2 (8.3) [0F15A0D6-5659-4C1B-BF50-2490AE40E4DE]”] …

Does iPhone (8.4 Simulator) is visible in your xcode if you manually build and launch your app ?
Does XCode 7 supports iPhone (8.4 Simulator) ?
Is it possible to try with devices which are available ?