No more able to run my Project as a maven Project


I am working on a JAVA Cucumber Project and just until last week I was able to run my test as a Maven test successfully. However last Friday I made some changes to one of the files and now am no more able to run the Project as a Maven test. Would really appreciate someone who can take a look and tell me exactly what went awry…as runninng the tests via the Jenkins is absolutely critical for me.

Thank you

Can you share details about your changes? The more detail we can get, the better we can assist you. Until then, we can only give you guesses at best.

My guess is… did you check to make sure your updated test case compiles properly?

EDIT: A good way to help us help you is to give us the logs that the maven jobs put out.

Did you want me to send you my code that may help you out ? I can private message you with that…if that helps.


I suppose you could, but you’d be placing a lot of trust in an Internet stranger. :stuck_out_tongue: I am not a lawyer, and I do not know what the details are of your contract with your employers. However, as a disclaimer, no one here but you are responsible for the actions that you take.

There are some things you should be able to post publicly without fear (again, not a lawyer), such as logs from Appium’s output (not necessarily your Java test’s output. This is the output from the Appium process). If you don’t even have logs from Appium, it likely means your build never got to the phase that launches Appium, so that narrows down the range of your problem; this is assuming your build process collects the logs from Appium and does not simply discard them away.

hmm…to put it simply…I am able to launch Appium…even when I go to my Project folder and run it as a Maven test…it just says build success…but never executes any actual TCs.
I am quite firmly believing this is because of the changes I made as I had said.

You seem quite scared to ask or receive my code…so I won’t send it…hehe =)

Did you change anything related to your test case’s annotation tags? Could a set up method be failing during the set-up portion (and thus causing the rest of the test cases to be skipped)?

Are you using any kind of code repository? If so, revert the changes and try to make the change you want again :wink:

Otherwise, without looking at the changes anyone who tries to help can only guess at what’s happened.

Sorry…it was nothing to do with code. The problem, I noticed, was with how the feature files were configured. False alarm…sorry for the trouble.