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Hi everyone I’m getting below erro, while running from Java. Attached dependency also!please help me out 1659947021835884668881563335067|375x500

which appium version do you use?
did you updated to java-client 8.1.1 recently?

Hi! I’m having the same issue.
java-client 8.1.1
Appium 1.22.3

basically (not sure about the exact versions), all appium servers under version 2.x.x start with default server endpoint /wd/hub/ so all appium server calls should start with that endpoint.
for all java clients versions under 8 (I think, I personally used to work with 7.6.0), if you start the appium server programmatically using AppiumServiceBuilder, the default endpoint will be /wd/hub/ as well.

the new versions.
from appium 2, the default endpoint is empty meaning, instead of /wd/hub/ you’ll just have /
and the new java client version are compatible with the new appium 2 versions so the default endpoint will be /

since you run appium 1.22.3 the server starts with the default endpoint of /wd/hub/ but your java client call the endpoint /

to solve this, just use .withArgument(GeneralServerFlag.BASEPATH, “/wd/hub/”) in you AppiumServiceBuilder or, if you want you could also upgrade to appium 2.

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