Non http url in chrome android on real device

So the scenario is:

  1. Launch my app (abc.apk)
  2. Open chrome with a html
  3. Click on a link in above html (which is non http). This link opens my abc.apk

Now, it does not tap on this link. Or may be its tapping but not opening my app.
But the same code opens all http url

Any help will be appreciated

I believe this a chromium error when trying to click on browsable intent. I managed to come along a workaround by adding temporarily a;'intent://...')

in the html, on the a tag element that has the href to the browsable intent url.

If your are intereseted, i’m building a module to automate deep link testing, check the code here;

and the fix in the test to make it work here;

A better solution; search for your element in native context and then use a TouchAction;