noReset False not always working in Android

I’m trying to have my tests run in a situation where every test is coming from a clean state, but want to avoid the added time of fullReset. So I’ve been using noReset and it can be wildly inconsistent at times and I’m trying to narrow down if it’s the app itself, the phone or the tests.

When checking the logs I’m seeing the app is in fact resetting:
[AndroidDriver] Apk is already on remote and installed, resetting
[debug] [AndroidDriver] Running fast reset (stop and clear)
[debug] [ADB] Getting connected devices…

However when the app re-opens the user account is still logged in. The only way I’ve been able to fix this is to use fullReset for a cycle and then it seems to be fine for a bit before getting stuck.

Any help on where to begin debugging would be much appreciated.

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Agree. Faced with the same issue. Can anyone help us?

Check with your dev team on the settings in the. I happened to have an old app version on my machine and it had a specific setting that was storing data, so wiping data/reset was not always clearing it. Moving to the newer APK where that was removed solved the issue.