noReset=true & fullReset=true

I am using Appium 1.4.0 (Windows build) with Java client 3.1.0 on real Android device (v4.4).

I want to keep app state data between tests running within same session (calling launchApp before and closeApp after each test), so I set noReset capability. This works. But calling driver.resetApp fails, because apk wasn’t uninstalled from previous test run (this is supposed to be fixed in 1.5.0).

I tried to call driver.removeApp just before driver.quit, but this also fails with “undefined status object” message. Executing adb uninstall works from command line (app is removed). Appium issues the same command but responds with error (app is still installed).

Then I tried fullReset capability which uninstalls app after session, but this ignores noReset.

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@mota , have you found a solution to the problem ?

Here and in many other posts I see references to closeApp, launchApp, and removeApp. I do not see those methods in AppiumDriver, WebDriver, AndroidDriver, nor IOSDriver. Where are they?

[edit] I found them. They weren’t showing up in Eclipse’s auto-fill method list