Not able to capture individual elements on iOS device with appium inspector

Hello team,

I am not able to capture the individual elements on the iOS 17 device ( using iPhone 14) using appium inspector.
It always capture/ highlight the entire home screen as one element.
I am using below configurations-
XCode 15
iPhone 14 - iOS 17 ( also tried with iOS 16)

Is it an existing/known issue or am I missing something?
Note - Let me know if any other information needed from my end for better clarity.
I will appreciate your inputs on this.
Thanks in advance!

I changed your topic because it’s misleading to say it’s just iOS 17 when you’ve had the same problems with iOS 16.

That said, you probably need to go to your developers about this one. They need to add automation accessibility elements so that you can test.

Thanks for your response.
I am the developer for this assignment. I am working for development of automation tool. Could you please share more details about the automation elements that needs to be added?

First say what kind of app you wrote: hybrid with webView or pure native? Is it some react native or pure swift with xCode?

Agree with @Aleksei, but if your are writing native apps, there is a discussion on the first page of this board:

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Hello @Aleksei @wreed ,
I am working on a WPF application which is a sort of tool that provides automation to any sort of native apps or websites.
We as underline technology use Appium to highlight and capture the elements of iOS device. We recently moved to appium2 from previous version. After that, I could see that the entire home screen is visible as if it’s a single screen. Same behavior i could see while using Appium inspector as well. So i was wondering what i am missing !

Hard to say without example what you have. Maybe you can share page source?

Hello @Aleksei
Please see the below screenshot for better clarity of the issue.

Attached the app source file for the (22.8 KB)

this looks like more issue with Appium Inspector.

hope you using latest [2023.11.1]
otherwise better file issue here

@Aleksei ,I have the lastest appium inspector as mentioned by you. As said, I have filed the issue on the