Not able to click (Appium)

Issue : I am not able to click on the element. My app just get open in the emulator but the click method did not work.

I am attaching mostly everything so that you can understand what is the actual problem.

May be this element has been disable, let try it:

// get Element:
public void test() {
AndroidElement element = (AndroidElement) driver.findElementByXPath(“element-xpath”);

// Mobile Action
public void tapOn(AndroidElement element) {
Point point = new Point(element.getCenter().getX(), element.getCenter().getY());
PointOption pointOption = new PointOption().withCoordinates(point);
TouchAction touchAction = new TouchAction(driver);

this case, it will tap on screen at point of Element, it not care state of element is disable or enable.

It is enabled.
Please check the image

Please show Capabilities() at Pr1. I think your root cause at this.