Not able to connect the appium Server and appium inspector

Hi i am not able to connect the appium and appium inspector.
i just try to connect rea android device.

here logs:
[info] e[35m[HTTP]e[39m Waiting until the server is closed
[info] e[35m[HTTP]e[39m Received server close event
[info] e[35m[Appium]e[39m Welcome to Appium v1.22.3
[info] e[35m[Appium]e[39m Non-default server args:
[info] e[35m[Appium]e[39m allowCors: true
[info] e[35m[Appium]e[39m relaxedSecurityEnabled: true
[info] e[35m[Appium]e[39m allowInsecure: {
[info] e[35m[Appium]e[39m }
[info] e[35m[Appium]e[39m denyInsecure: {
[info] e[35m[Appium]e[39m }
[warn] e[35m[Appium]e[39m You have enabled CORS requests from any host. Be careful not to visit sites which could maliciously try to start Appium sessions on your machine
[info] e[35m[Appium]e[39m Appium REST http interface listener started on[info] e[35m[HTTP]e[39m e[37m–>e[39m e[37mGETe[39m e[37m/sessionse[39m
[info] e[35m[HTTP]e[39m e[90m{}e[39m
[debug] e[35m[HTTP]e[39m No route found for /sessions
[info] e[35m[HTTP]e[39m e[37m<-- GET /sessions e[39me[33m404e[39m e[90m1 ms - 211e[39m
[info] e[35m[HTTP]e[39m e[90me[39m

i tried with remote host also

2 recommendations:

  1. Update to Appium 2
  1. Use a tutorial like this one:
    Quickstart Intro - Appium Inspector