Not able to identify elements on iOS React Native app using Appium

We are using appium for automating ReacNative Android/iOS mobile app. We are able to identify elements on Android app, but couldn’t identify elements on iOS app. In iOS whole UI screen is considered as a single element

With Same iOS app we are able to identify elements using Appium studio tool

Appium version:1.22.0

Below is the list of different steps which dev team tried on iOS app to resolve this issue.

Tried With new POC with minimum UI.

• Updated the navigation version
• Tried changing the value of snapshotMaxDepth
• Tried Appium Studio with the emulator.
• Tried using BrowserStack
• accessible= {false}
• accessibilityLable
• Tired using just simple views “”.
• Removed Animated View
• Removed ScrollView
• Removed KeyboardAwareScrollView
• Removed FlatList and Animated.FlatList
• Removed BottomSheet
• Removed createSharedElementsStackNavigator4 from navigation
• Change the UI.
• If we take the screen and place it at the first screen of the app/any navigation it was working fine.
• Changed the Bottom Stack navigation to BottomTabNavigation, but still not able to locate the elements.
• using this condition to assign the testid’s like
• • Platform.OS === “android” ? { accessible: true, accessibilityLabel: id } : { accessible: false, testID: id };

Please let me know if there is a way to resolve this.

Screenshot1: Appium Desktop

Screenshot2: Appium Studio

Can you see it with xCode inspector?

I was able to identify only few elements using xcode inspector.

same sees Appium. Ask developer of app for help.