Not able to launch app using 1.3.7 but the app is installed with no problem

I am in need of some expert advice.
iPhone5 and iOS7

I am using appium version 1.3.7 and latest Xcode and downloaded all development tools. The developer option on the real device is ON. Installed iDeviceinstaller and all necessary files.

Problem: 1. If i am not using reset flag to true, then app is not removing from the device after test run.
2. If I am using reset flag to true then app is installing but not launching on device.

Please help. As for each test run I want to reset the app to get a clean slate for each test run.
Not having such problem with android.

If anyone has any solution for this. Please let me know.

Just so I’m really sure of your problem. If you manually kill the app between tests is launches ok, right?

This is happening on every fresh install… I think the appium is not spawning instrument. Also, what i found is app is in the background but not able to launch.

Uploading logs here:

logs.txt (10.7 KB)

Appium Dev team. Do you have solution for this problem. This is blocking me so badly.
Though, I have a work around. But its not seamless.

Can you post your capabilities?

The capabilities are:

‘app’: os.path.abspath(desired_cap[“app”]),
‘udid’: desired_cap[“udid”],
‘platformName’: desired_cap[“platformName”],
‘deviceName’: desired_cap[“deviceName”],
‘platformVersion’: desired_cap[“platformVersion”],
‘fullReset’: False

‘app’: ‘app_under_test.ipa’
‘udid’: ‘udid of device’
‘platformName’: ‘iOS’
‘platformVersion’: ‘7.1’
‘deviceName’: “iphone5s_7.1_manish”

You need to kill app between each test. I was having that problem with iphone5C - ios7 also. On ios8 it does not happen.

Look here: [Resolved] Kill application in real devices. App is already running

The code I was using is:

def killApplication
    #Deprecated. Required assistive touch to be active (ios7)
    sleep 1
    _tap(0.3,0.05) #In here it was a tap on the place I left assistive touch
    sleep 1 => 200, :y => 400, :fingers => 2).perform #Double touch on "home" button to show background apps
    sleep 2
    _swipe(0.5,0.55,0.5,0.1) #Kill app
    sleep 1