Not able to launch web driver agent in Simulator

Note same was working with Old version of mac os and xcode.

 mac OS 14.3
 and xcode 15.2
Appium inspector version : 2023.12.2
Node.js : 14.16.0
Appium server version: 1.22.3

Failed to create session. An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: Unable to launch WebDriverAgent because of xcodebuild failure: xcodebuild failed with code 65 xcodebuild error message: Command line invocation: /Applications/ build-for-testing test-without-building -project “/Applications/Appium Server” -scheme WebDriverAgentRunner -derivedDataPath /Users/admin/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/WebDriverAgent-aghlrsejdreqngftgvcqwnjgrbou -destination id=64C6736E-423D-4AF5-85D6-0C1394EA561B IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=17.2 GCC_TREAT_WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS=0 COMPILER_INDEX_STORE_ENABLE=NO User defaults from command line: IDEDerivedDataPathOverride = /Users/admin/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/WebDriverAgent-aghlrsejdreqngftgvcqwnjgrbou IDEPackageSupportUseBuiltinSCM = YES Build settings from command line: COMPILER_INDEX_STORE_ENABLE = NO GCC_TREAT_WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS = 0 IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET = 17.2 — xcodebuild: WARNING: Using the first of multiple matching destinations: { platform:iOS Simulator, id:64C6736E-423D-4AF5-85D6-0C1394EA561B, OS:17.2, name:iPhone 15 } { platform:iOS Simulator, id:64C6736E-423D-4AF5-85D6-0C1394EA561B, OS:17.2, name:iPhone 15 } Prepare packagesappium-server-logs.txt (525.2 KB)

mmm this version is about 2 year old …

which version we need to use can you share.

getting this error if run appium through terminal

latest Appium 2.X version

can share link to download the same?

admin@MC-KJ31XJ6VNM ~ % appium --version


using latest appium version

So start again but first build WDA manually, install it on phone and manually run.
Expected: WDA started and just closed. No crash.

iam not using real device trying to build in iphone 15 17.2 version simulator with dev provided app file


[XCUITestDriver@6c6f (41eb4250)] Failing tests:

[XCUITestDriver@6c6f (41eb4250)] -[UITestingUITests testRunner]

[XCUITestDriver@6c6f (41eb4250)] ** TEST EXECUTE FAILED **

[XCUITestDriver@6c6f (41eb4250)] Testing started

[XCUITestDriver@6c6f (41eb4250)] Quitting and uninstalling WebDriverAgent

[XCUITestDriver@6c6f (41eb4250)] Shutting down sub-processes

[iOSSim] The simulator has 1 bundle which have ‘WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner’ as their ‘CFBundleName’: [“com.facebook.WebDriverAgentRunner.xctrunner”]

[XCUITestDriver@6c6f (41eb4250)] Uninstalling WDAs: ‘com.facebook.WebDriverAgentRunner.xctrunner’ getting this error in simulator

@Aleksei Any update on same how solve below issue !

@Aleksei root cause is this issue only