Not able to locate elements after successful automation of log in on Android app

Hello. I’m trying to test an Android app that starts with a log in screen. I am able to get everything running and use tests written in Java to successfully fill the log in fields and tap the login button. The problem is, once I have successfully logged in and the next screen is displayed my code is unable to locate any elements. I have used several methods to make the driver wait before attempting to locate an element on the screen after log in. Can I just keep using the same driver with the same capabilities that I used on the log in screen tests to interact with the second screen? Do the driver capabilities need to be updated to set the appActivity of the new screen? All the tutorials I have found set up a driver to test a single page. I haven’t been able to find anything that details how to move past a log in screen and to test elements on additional screens.

Hi @Andrew_Wyatt,

Are you able to get properties of elements on second screen?
Could you provide details on what error are you encountering?


Upload the screenshot of UI automator.

Got into work today and second screen elements are being located. Not sure why. I will update the thread if I figure it out. Thank you for your replys!