Not able to provide Multiple comma separated activities for --app-wait-Activity while running the appium server while using appium version V1.5.1

In my appium command to run the appium server i am giving three comma separated values of activities for --app-wait-activity while using the appium version V1.5.1. It is giving us the issue that it does not found the “/”. Running the tests invoke the app on the basis of launch package and launch activity. But the wait for activity fails due to the above issue mentioned.

When, i started giving only one value(name of only one activity) to the -app-wait-activity while running the appium server. The test started running fine.

Is there any other way while using appium V1.5.1 to give multiple activities to -aap-wait-activity parameter ?

Appium currently does not support the ability to wait on multiple activities.


I faced same issue and it is fixed in Appium Version 1.5.3 (Ara), please upgrade.

Amarnath Rayudu