Not able to reset UWP application

I am trying to reset a native UWP application every I start a new session. Here is what I tried:

  1. Setting “fullReset” desired capability.
    appCapabilities.SetCapability(“app”, “19565f35-c140-424d-b6ea-84938481f4ba_dvmb7bm3nyyvj!App”);
    appCapabilities.SetCapability(“platformName”, “Windows”);
    appCapabilities.SetCapability(“deviceName”, “WindowsPC”);
    appCapabilities.SetCapability(“fullReset”, true);
    AppDriver = new WindowsDriver(new Uri(WindowsApplicationDriverUrl), appCapabilities);

But this does not reset the app.

  1. Also tried using the RemoveApp() and ResetApp() APIs but it seems they are not supported on Windows.

Kindly suggest which method to use to do a full reset for a UWP app ?
Is it supported for Windows at all at this point?

The above would clear the desired capability.
Try this: