Not able to reterive pixelRatio while using Appium.WebDriver.5.0.0-beta03

I am trying to set additional capability - appium:includeDeviceCapsToSessionInfo so that i can reterive pixelRatio in my C# application. But seems this This capability has no effect since driver version 5
as per the below article: Capabilities - Appium XCUITest Driver
I have tried setting up the above mentioned capability but got the below response:

Driver is nor able to recognize the capability I set. Is there any alternative way of achieving this?
Please guide me to alternative approach for accomplish this requirement of retrievingthe pixelRatio.


Hello @mykola-mokhnach, I tired adding the above capability , but it is not getting recongnised by driver :

Could you please share some relevant link or document to understand it better on how to use it ?

same link look on document start ->

this is not capabilities but command you execute after driver started.

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