Not able to send keys through element.sendkeys() Since there is an api call in the textbox . Once i enter 3 words of the text there is an api call happening and sendkeys is being interrupted

I am not able to enter the GSTIN number , Since there is an ajax call after i enter the initial 3 letters which is the state code in GST , As a result the sendkeys is being interupted and enters only the partial text in the text box

Ok. So you can select from the list as well.??

No its not a dropdown ,Its just a free text box where u need to enter the GSTIN , after entering the 3 letters sendkeys is interrupted

If this is a known thing with the app that isn’t going to change… try just doing sendKeys() with the first 3 characters, then do sendKeys() with the rest (or 1 at a time after that if needed)

I tried the same thing , but sendkeys is clearing the first 3 characters leaving the text box empty

If you’re using appium-server < 1.8 try doing “setValue” on it instead of sendKeys. I believe that will “continue” typing.

I am using appium 1.7.1 and i am not able to use the method setvalue in place of sendkeys

Hi Abhiram,

Why aren’t you able to use setValue()? That should be available to you if you find your element and return it as a MobileElement. That method has been around for a while.

Hi Bennid ,


This the java client i am using for appium , I am not able to use the setValue() function ,

You should upgrade to java client 5.0.4 at the very least. 3.2.0 is now over 2.5 years old.

Hi bennid , Upgraded javaclient to latest and sending the keys through setvalue() function , Still its the same issue as sendkeys()

What happens if you switch back to sendKeys() again? I wonder if the newer setValue() acts differently than the older one. Another thing that may be going on, is that whenever the element is clicked on, the app is resetting the input.

I had similar problem. I changed sendkeys() to setvalue() and it helped. Appium client 5.0.4