Not able to sendkeys to a Mobile number field

Following is the input text box for a field- mobile number-
<android.widget.EditText index=“0” text=“Mobile Number " class=“android.widget.EditText” package=“com.rapidue.uzed” content-desc=”" checkable=“false” checked=“false” clickable=“true” enabled=“true” focusable=“true” focused=“false” scrollable=“false” long-clickable=“false” password=“false” selected=“false” bounds="[192,786][616,850]" resource-id="" instance=“0”/>

I am trying to send mobile number to this field-
WebElement mob=driver.findElement(By.xpath("//android.widget.EditText[@text='Mobile Number ']"));

Appium server is returning true for this command but on actual device there is no input send and field is blank

In this case I would suggest to try below

In this scenario always take help of arc way of interacting with the app

You can find more info how to use this ruby library under my blog section

Method 2: ( Appium Ruby Console ) <<<

  • If it’s working in this case, then it’s timing issue in your script, you need wait till field is visible