Not able to sendText to UIASecureText in IOS app

i have two fields in my login screen

When trying to sendtext to both fields,its actually not popping the Keyboard and the text im trying to send is overlapped in the username and password field .

When i tap on Enter ,My app is saying “No username and password” entered.Eventhough its entered because of this overlapping issue.

Could u just let me way to work around this… i was able to narrowdown and use sendkeys to the UIAStaticText field of my Username ,but for my password field since its UIASecureField … It didnt work out…

Appium Version 1.3.5
iOS real device

Apparently a known issue with the milestone set to 1.3.7:

Note that title mentions setValue but it applies to send keys also.

Thanks alot
This functionality seems to be a big blocker,
… Waiting for 1.3.7…

I recommend you do not just wait for the release. If you have control over users, just use a simple password and do a method do directly click on keyboard on those keys.

Then when 1.3.7 comes out change that piece of code

Yeah i have control over users, and i have the entire password list…

But i have to iterate alot,i am taking data from an excel sheet and giving as an input to password field. First i thought of getting the keyboard keys and click it comparing with the input String

What i tried is

List Keys=driver.findElement(By.xpath("//UIAApplication[1]/UIAWindow[2]/UIAKeyboard[1]/UIAKey[]"));
Iterator iter=Keys.iterator();
System.out.println(“Keyboard Value”;
But sadly i was not able to return any keys. :frowning:

Any help @Telmo_Cardoso

P.S. - I’m in ruby :smile:

I can get all keys with


Differences I see is the [] in the end of UIAKey and find_elements instead of find_element (notice the extra s in the end)