Not getting updated text of element

Platform: Android
Appium version:1.22.3
Client langauage:Python
OS: Windows

Hello, I think appium has some bug getting the refreshed text of element here:
I have a selection to choose region, and the original text of the region selection is as follows:

And after choosing region manually, the text of the selection has been updated:

When I get the page source it’s updated as well:

But when I choose region in my python-appium code, after the region selection, the page source is(I’ve waited till I see updated text in simulator):

It might be that the element does not propagate its text changes to the accessibility. Only app developers can fix that.

how you change it with code? try as close to user behavior as possible. tap on list -> scroll to needed -> tap on it.

Yes Aleksei, I’m doing the steps as manually do.

Actually there’s another problem with the district selection here as I posted in Question about locating element in custom component
Currently I made a workaround to tap on the scrollable area before scrolling so I can choose the district as in above image.
But even I remove the tapping action on the scrollable area and choose province->city, it’s still the same

Hi mykola, let me check with my developer. Thanks.

this is WebView!

tons better switch context to web and execute all like on web.

hi Aleksei, it only has NATIVE_APP context

Ask app developer to enable web debug for test builds.