On huwaei android 8 i have issue on record screen

when run
((CanRecordScreen) driver ).startRecordingScreen(AndroidStartScreenRecordingOptions. startScreenRecordingOptions ().enableForcedRestart().withTimeLimit(Duration. ofMinutes (30)));
i received this issue
[ERROR] 07-07-2021 12:53:00.433 [main] Log - An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: The expected screen record file ‘/sdcard/e3c8fd02.mp4’ does not exist after 5000ms. Is screenrecord utility available and operational on the device under test?

although it worked on emulator with android 11

Can any one help ?

Appium uses ‘screenrecord’ utility of Android standard package.
Huawei by some reason removing it from their phones.

PS All you can do is make FeatureRequest to Appium implement own ‘screenrecord’ utility for such cases (hardly believe it will be done)

Thanks but this phone production 2018 not new production

check yourself. commands are here:

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Thanks for your help