On Mac OS X, how to minimize cache files produced by appium at \private\var\folders\

Appium 1.7.1

This folder is huge (50gb) and is cluttered by files produced by appium when running iOS on device.

This folder gets cleared on machine restart, but I want to clean this folder up before executing the hundreds of regression tests without restarting.

I am wondering if there’s a configuration in appium that we can use to adjust the number of cache files produced while running tests?

I tried to develop scripts to remove these cache files but I realized that this can cause system instability.

I also looked into maintenance scripts provided by mac os x.
So perhaps this is it?
sudo periodic daily

@alangithubtrader try with capabilities:

public interface MobileCapabilityType ....
     * The desired capability which specifies whether to delete any generated files at
     * the end of a session (see iOS and Android entries for particulars).
    String CLEAR_SYSTEM_FILES = "clearSystemFiles";