One server 2 clients

I assume it’s not possible to have 2 clients?
I have a server, busy running a test, all local, all fine, is it possible to

  1. pause that test, so nothing it happening (by hitting a breakpoint in my script)
  2. connect to that server remotely and take screenshot etc using inspector
  3. resume test

The server only opens one listen I take it? It’s a problem for me because I use a test framework that terminates the server, and cleans up like all good test frameworks should if a test dies unexpectedly.
So I am unable to “leave” a complex test environment half completed and then launch inspector. Am I understanding a wrong use-case, or is there a different way to use inspector on a running test?

I could kill my test framework, but I don’t know how to get appium to connect to the target without appium launching the intent (Android) and thus restarting the app, which I don’t want as it will loose the application state. Teach me.

Unfortunately Appium does not support a attach to session feature. Please let us know if there are any workarounds

Thanks for the confirm. I’m all new to this area, so exploring possibilities and understanding where the edges of the beast are.