Open Appium Inspector without resetting iOS simulator

Hi all,

I am using appium inspector to find elements in my app.
I have two apps, first one for login functionality and other app for form filling.
Once i login in first app, i can use other app.
I have installed first app in simulator and logged in.when i try to open appium inspector with second app,it resets simulator. so i couldn’t record any thing with second app.

How can i resolve this??

Hi Shiva,

Not sure if this will solve your problem, but if its on the simulator what about using the home button (Command+Shift+H) ? That way you don’t kill the simulator session.


Hi Andy
How can i install app after using home button??
Because opening appium inspector resets simulator

Not sure if this will work but, maybe try copying the app to:
Library->Application Support->iPhone Simulator->7.1->Applications -> myApplication ->

Start up the simulator via Xcode manually to ensure that the app is there.

If that all works fine, then just try with Appium inspector.


I have placed my app in that path and ensured presence of app in simulator.

Once I open appium inspector with another app, it resets simulator.

is there anyway to open inspector without resetting simulator.

Yes you can start the simulator without reset, in the developer settings check ‘Custom Server Flags’ and give “–no-reset” flag.

Thank u so much Anamika_Singh…

Its working…

what else flags we can set in developer options??
could you refer some page??