Open Source Test Management tool for Appium based Test scripts

Hi Team,

We are looking for reliable open source tool for Test Management (like HP ALM Commercial tool) which is suitable for Web Driver protocol based test scripts for Appium Mobile Apps automation. As of now we are using SVN as version control for code management.
Seamlessly we need to initiate the execution from Open Source Test Management platform , after execution results should be tracked in the test management platform which should be central and accessible to all project teams across the regions.
If you have such platform suitable for both Windows and Mac , please let me know.
I appreciate your help / guidance in this regard.


we managed to integrate “Testrail” tool for running runs with test suites.

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Hi ,

Appreciate your response.

I just wanted to check with you , not only execution , does it support version control , maven projects execution , execution initiation from Jenkins. Does it perform all the functions like HP - ALM.


maven project executions supports Bamboo ( where we execute tests as CI.
Testrail only test management system.

Would appreciate if you could elaborate how you have integrated TestRail tool to run appium tests.
I have Test Rail test cases. I have appium tests which run corresponding tests but separately. How do you initiate appium tests from Test Rail and report back ? Thanks !

we got initial code of TestRail Integration from here:

just updated to use Plan with any number of runs insides (hope it should be easy. if not just ping)