Overlay guide handling in iOS


I am working on the handling overlay guide on the iOS Appium XCUI test.

As per the attached screenshot, I have to click on the notification icon to handle the overlay pop up (After clicking on the notification icon Overlay pop up will be disappeared). I am able to find the locator for that ‘Notification icon’ as well as overlay Guide pop up.

But When I tap on the element through Appium, Element is clicked but the overlay guide is not disappearing.

When I click Manually on the icon it is disappearing.

Please help me if anyone having an idea about this issue and having a solution.



  1. tap instead of click
  2. tap by x,y of found element center

Hi @Aleksei,

Thanks for the reply.

I am just using Tap Action Only. I am just clicking on the Tap Button through Appium Inspector as you can see in appium Inspector. Tap is successfully working in the case of Overlay Guide is not present with that element.
But in the case of Overlay guide presence when I select Tap Button through appium Inspector Overlay guide is not disappearing.

Well do it in code. It is not much sence execite it with GUI Appium tool which mostly for inspection.

Hi @Aleksei,

Thank you so much. As per suggestion, From the script and taping it using x,y coordinate I am able to successfully click on the element and the overlay guide is disappearing.

Hey, can you let me know how you managed to solve this? I also have an overlay and trying to tap on a random location on the screen in order to dismiss it, but on inspector works and running the tests on the iOS simulator doesn’t.

This is my code:
TouchAction(self.driver).tap(element=None, x=183, y=645).perform()
TouchAction(self.driver).tap(x=183, y=645).perform()


this solved my problem:
self.driver.tap([(182, 645)])