Page rendering when visible - Like Ajax call

I am in a tricky situation where the app i am automating is loading elements in page source (when pulled using driver.getpagesource) that are visible on the screen and all the elements on the page which are not visible are not shown on the page source and when i tried to scroll to a particular identifier which is not visible on the page, it fails as it could not find that element in the pagesource. It is a blocker now.

IOS - 9.3.5
Application - Native Only
Xcode - 7.3.5
Language - Java

Please anyone suggest what is the best approach in such cases

In Android I use driver.getPageSource(); to force the source to be reloaded.

You can sleep for a while and then reload.

Its not working that way, The comments from developer is that page rendering is restricted to that what is visible on the ipad and rest of the page which is not visible is not rendered. Can you please suggest any other options as a work around

if it is never visible, not even by changing to webview… there is not much you can do. Explore forum and ideas

Ok, thanks for the suggestion and by the way its completely a Native app