'page should contain element' not work for uiautomator2

I use robotframework + appium, recently i set automationName to UiAutomator2, i found ui automation test case run fast, but unfortunately, some keywords not work, like page should contain element, i use like this:
${status} | Run Keyword And Return Status | Page Should Contain Element | &{locator_login_link}[${PLATFORM}]
Run Keyword If ‘${status}’==‘True’ Run Keywords Click Element &{locator_edit_profile_icon}[${PLATFORM}]

but can’t capture the element &{locator_login_link}[${PLATFORM}] even though show the element on phone, then i change ‘page should contain element’ to ‘wait until element is visible’, then it works!

BYI, must add ‘wait until element is visible’ before every ‘click element’ otherwise will failed, is UiAutomator not support well for appiumlibray in robotframework?