PageSource not updating correctly while running tests

Hello I am currently testing an iOS application. I am currently doing multiple tests in a similar manner on the same page. What I’m currently doing to test the page:

  • There is a list of cells on a previous page. The test would click on the first cell.
  • The app then loads a page with the details of the item of the cell that was clicked
  • There are a few sections for this detail page:
    - A section with an image of the item and a button to download it
    - A description section that primarily contains text
  • The test then verifies that each of those sections exist.

However, the description section does not appear to be present. Tried running a getPageSource() both before and after waiting for the element to appear. Also tried to do a get Request for the source using the same sessionID during the test run, it also did not appear there. I then proceeded to try it on the inspector, and that appeared to work. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?