Parallel execution issues

Hi all,

So far I’ve followed all necessary setup for parallel execution:

My used libraries:

  • Appium 1.15.1
  • Java client: 6.1.0

However, upon parallel execution, I still face an issue that the Appium commands frequently perform on the wrong devices, and it occurs very frequently. Imagine I have these simple steps:

  • Login
  • Purchase order

Sometimes after ‘purchase order’ steps are performed on device 2 because device 1 has completed ‘Login’ step, sometimes it doesn’t

I don’t know what else should I do to achieve proper parallel execution.

Do you guys have any ideas why?

I followed that guide already :). Still can’t make executed steps happen correctly

It is problem in your code. Some variables you use are not thread safe and mix happens. Add more logs on problematic steps. What values have variables while executing on X device. Make each test thread log starting with same string text so you can differ under what test it is.

Thanks, my fault. Adjust my code and it is working well