Parallel execution on two devices of two different test cases

Hi ,

Could anyone please help me how to automate on two different device with seperate scenarios in each of the test case for e.g i want to automate and run script dialling number through one phone and call recieve should happen in another device.

I had gone through some of the blogs i found same test cases can be executed on two different devices.

I am also stuck in similar kind of scenario want to create a booking from rider account of app and have to accept booking from driver account of same app.
So, two test needs to run on two different devices parallelly

Is this process achievable?
Can someone please respond?

You may not want to run two tests in parallel . instead Run single test with two different Drivers . Assuming you are testing on android devices .

Thanks for replying, Have you tried or similar kind of scenario before?
If we talk about test, then rider and driver both will be triggering different functionalities and will be logging in different portal with different credential, so i think different test script needs to be written.

As i am new to appium automation, it would be a great help if you could explain in little detail.

Thanks in Advance!

Sorry for the delay

Can help to understand how it’s done

  1. Create Driver 1 for Device 1
  2. Create Driver 2 for Device 2
  3. You can create tests with execution priority. Test 1 for rider and Test2 for driver
  4. Test1 will target Device 1 with Driver 1 .Test2 will target Device2 with Driver 2

If you are using GUI to launch Appium server then you can start multiple server on different ports . Otherwise please check here to do it via code . Once servers are in place create drivers with corresponding capabilities to use it on your test.