Paste messages blocking actions

With iOS 15+, I see repeated messages during the automation run saying the app “pasted from Mac mini”. These messages block buttons and prevent the attempted clicks from succeeding. Appium doesn’t throw an error so it sees the element and attempts the click but the attempted click does nothing.

Haven’t seen this. Could you post a movie of this and post the exact versions of iOS, Xcode, and Appium you are using? Should be able to get a movie with quicktime. Might help to post your capabilities, programming language & such as well. A log would help. Details matter.

I’m using java. xcode 13.2.1; appium 1.22.2. iOS 15.3

Here’s a screen capture with the message that comes up ‘secure client pasted from david’s Mac min’. (for some reason quicktime is failing to start - I’ll have to figure that out for a movie).

Frequently there are buttons at the top where this message is showing up and if the timing is right clicks to those buttons are failing when the messages are there.

The element (button) is found and the click is initiated and does not cause an error (but the action has no effect). I do not see anything in the appium log that reflects it, such as in the last run I attempted, the save button was blocked but the log shows it found and clicked. The app remained waiting for the click however.

Don’t worry about it. The screenshot works. A log would be good, but might not show anything. I’m going to try and reproduce if I can.

i mean if you turn off bluetooth on your device won’t the clipboard not be in sync and unable to paste?

Maybe another workaround is to check if the element isDisplayed before you initiate the click. It could make your test more robust

Nice call! I think you are right. @David_Sevigny can you take a look at this:

Can you check if Universal Clipboard is enabled and try turning it off if it is? Probably don’t need that on a test device anyway…

bluetooth is off. The Mac mini is the appium server and the device is connected to it with usb.

I added isDisplayed before the click and saw it is successful regardless of the message and then tries the click which does not error either - but the button is not actually hit.

I turned off Handoff to stop the universal clip board function and did not see a difference.

I’m still trying to reproduce. One idea I had though was to turn off notifications. I don’t know what service this is (or app), but you could test just turning off all notifications, and if that works then hunt down the offending service/app.

Does iphone have a way to turn off all notifications? Seems like you need to turn it off for each app. It is off for the app under test.

Just looked at iOS 15. I think there used to be a global, but there isn’t one now. If you could figure out what app is doing this it would be easy, right?

Also check the Developer option under settings. I wonder if this could be some debugging feature?

You probably already know how to get into Developer options but just in case skip to part 2 here:

I was assuming it was appium webdriveragent that had something to do with it as that is communicating between the app and the Mac. But I turned off notifications for everything settings makes available and did not see a change in the behavior.

I don’t see anything in Developer setting that seems related (have you looked through what is there - do you see something?)

I was trying to look at the timing of when the messages appear. They start when I go through a series of checks of possible error messages (a lot of exception catches). But then there’s a sendkeys following that that could be it as well.

I’ve spent some time this morning trying to reproduce, but I’ve run into issues that aren’t related to this problem. I think we have gotten to the point that you should file a bug on this here:

Please put all the info on things we’ve covered here, and link this topic. I’m hoping someone smarter than me can tell what’s going on. I’ve already searched through the bugs but I don’t see anything like this.

@wreed @Andrew_Kim @David_Sevigny Gentlemen!

this is FEATURE of iOS where first words are the app that producing this sh…t.

Wow. Never seen this. From reading the link, I’m thinking that the app under test is making calls to that api? Maybe developers can eliminate those calls in debug build. What a headache.

Very odd that they don’t give a way to control this. Thanks for pointing me to this. Hopefully something can be done so we can make appium usable for us.