PickerWheel - Appium+Java+IOS10 - Not selecting

I am trying to automate picker wheel, I see 200 as response but i it is not selecting the the value. below is snippet used.

List PickerWheelClassName = driver.findElements(By.xpath("//XCUIElementTypePickerWheel"));
PickerWheelClassName.get(0).sendKeys("Some Text);


@Boney I remember seeing this problem and workaround in appium issue list in github repo, you can search there to find the answer.

thanks let me find it

Sendkeys not working for picker wheel, we also faced the same issue while automating picker wheel, so for that we have used workaround ie tapping on picker wheel element and getting attribute value and findout that value of the picker wheel element is exactly the same that you want to select.

can you please share snippet

TouchAction action = new TouchAction(((MobileDriver) GetDriver()));

String t1="//XCUIElementTypeButton[@label=’"+Next+"’]";
MobileElement test3 = (MobileElement) ((AppiumDriver) CL.GetDriver()).findElementByXPath(t1);

    int Balance = 0;

action.tap(test3.getLocation().getX(), test3.getLocation().getY()+Balance).perform();
else if(direction.equalsIgnoreCase(“up”)){
action.tap(304, 600).perform();//use same technique which is using in if loop.

    String strValue="//XCUIElementTypeOther/XCUIElementTypePickerWheel[1]";
    MobileElement Value = (MobileElement) ((AppiumDriver) CL.GetDriver()).findElementByXPath(strValue);

    String collectdata=Value.getAttribute("value");
    Above code write in function and loop this function until you are getting the required element.

thanks @JAYESH_BHOR, may i know what is NEXT in line 2. I see you are taking xpath

That is keyboard element, in picker wheel element you will see the all your options list and the keyboard element like Next, Done, clear etc.

Any help for picking the element from XCUIElementTypePickerWheel?