Possible to simulate without source code?


I’m part of a QA team tasked with iOS. For whatever reason, the dev team is not looking to give me source code. Is it possible to simulate through xcode using some sort of simulated .app build?

I’ve been able to load a hacky .ipa zipped into .app file and install it on the sim but I’m assuming the architecture is all wrong as the app crashes instantly.

Any advice on being able to automate without source would be greatly appreciated.

@jkul ask DEV to build APP file for you.

PS do not forget attack them later to put accessibility IDs in tons places.


For using .app file to write the cases. request for a simulator build. for this the dev will have to build the app on the simulator and get the .app file from the specific folder in the project directory itself.

This .app file will be ok to be run on simulators for test case execution using Appium.