Preserve mobile app running on device after Appium terminates?

Appium can launch mobile app for testing, and relaunch (stopping current instance it seems) if it is already running. I was wondering if it’s possible to have the Appium launched mobile app to keep running even after Appium terminates (except in the case where app crashes itself, etc.). Appium terminates as in stop/quit or kill/stop the node.js appium binary.

The question is with respect to preserving the mobile app running instance on both iOS and Android devices.

Would be nice to have with Appium if not currently available.

The use case: use Appium as a form of controller to restart crashed apps, etc., much like how one may have tools/utilities on Linux/Mac/Windows to restart services/daemons (and perhaps apps as well). Because without Appium-like tool, it would have to be done manually or you’d need to root the device perhaps to runs scripts to do that kind of management (Android only I believe).

And why terminate Appium? Free up resources I guess, and in case for whatever reason can’t or don’t want to keep Appium running 24x7 but rather on demand when it is needed to restart a crashed app, etc. Since we want the app running 24x7 to monitor it (with some other things over the network based on network activity) we don’t want it to terminate when Appium terminates.

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I expect to have this feature.