"private method `select'..." error displayed when trying to tap and hold on element

I wrote the following step definitions in ruby to tap and hold on an element in the screen of an iOS App:

tapHoldAction = Appium::TouchAction.new.long_press(classCell).wait(3).release

where classCell is an element on screen

But then I got the below error:
private method `select’ called for #<Selenium::WebDriver::Element:0x460025383c873b10 id=“10”> (NoMethodError)

I tried also the same code with x, y, fingers and duration with no luck, I got other errors.

What is the wrong thing I am doing?

I got it working :smile:

newTouchAction = Appium::TouchAction.new
tapHoldAction = newTouchAction.long_press(element:classCell,duration:3).release

i got this error when trying your solution

`assert_ok’: Support for this gesture is not yet implemented. Please contact an Appium dev (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnknownError)

any idea why or how to resolve this?