Problems to locate elements since update do 1.10.1 - Android React Native

Since I update appium to version 1.10.1, I am having problems to locate elements on screen. Appium says that it can’t find element on screen, but when I open the uiautomatorviewer, the content-desc is correct. Ps: I’m using react-native app.

There is my capabilities:
platformName: ‘Android’,
deviceName: ‘Android Emulator’,
app: ‘./android/app/build/outputs/apk/debug/app-debug.apk’, // relative to root of project
appPackage: ‘’,
appActivity: ‘’

The code to find element:
let isLoginHomeButton = await driver.hasElementByAccessibilityId(“Acesso ao formulário de login”);
assert.equal(isLoginHomeButton, true);

The element in uiautomatorviewer:

Using the release 1.9.1, the element is locate correctely. Thre is some configuration that I’m missing?