Problems with Appium + Grid when launching tests from remote machine

Hi all,

I’m having problems using Appium and Selenium Grid when I launch tests from a remote machine.
The grid is placed in a linux machine and Appium is running on a Mac Mini server, as I want to run tests in iOS devices.
I’m using WebViewApp to test the webpage, because I’d like to test a hybrid application.
The problem comes when I try to launch tests from a remote machine (I execute the script from my Windows computer, pointing to the machine that has the grid), because WebViewApp starts but web address doesn’t appear on it. It’s like the grid can’t send this information. However, if I launch tests from the same machine where the grid is, I have no problems at all.

Does anyone know which could be the problem?


Finally, I found the solution to this problem!

To put you on context, I have to explain first the where my nodes are running. The hub and some nodes are in a subnet and their IP addresses are private addresses. At the same time, the hub is also connected to the Internet and the computer that executes Appium node is connected to the Internet also and has a public IP address. In this computer, there is also another node which executes a Selendroid process to create an Android node (without using Appium).

The problem came from the hub configuration: I put as “host” parameter to make the hub listen on all interfaces. For an unknown reason, the problem came from here, as when I set the public hub IP in the “host” parameter, everything has started to work properly.

The really strange thing is that Appium node didn’t work, while there wasn’t any problem with the Selendroid node… Whatever the reason is, using public IP address always for the hub configuration solves the problem.

I hope this can help to those that may have the same problem as I had.