Protractor: Can't Change the driver context to 'WEBVIEW'


Hybrid native app + appium + protractor.

I’m having trouble with the ‘autowebview’ appium capability. I suspect it is a race condition between a slow emulator changing contexts and protractor sending commands only supported by a webview context.

What I’d like to do is manually set the context to WEBVIEW, in Protractor’s onPrepare callback.

There are code snippets out there like the following:

onPrepare: function () {
    var wd = require('wd'),
          wdBridge = require('wd-bridge')(protractor, wd),
           _ = require('underscore');
    return wdBrowser.contexts().then(function (ctxs) {
        var webCtx = _(ctxs).find(function (ctx) {
            return ctx.match(/WEBVIEW/);
        return wdBrowser.context(webCtx)

However, in my case ‘wdBrowser.contexts’ is undefined. I’ve snooped around and can’t find a reference to that function. I see that it is a defined command in wd.

It’s clearly defined by WebdriverIO, in it’s appium section, but I’m not quite ready to abandon protractor.

Thanks for any help.

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